Cloudwords Automates Translation Process to Accelerate Product Internationalization

April 29, 2015 Sample HubSpot User

New Integration Capabilities with Source Code Version Control Systems Quickly and Easily Localizes Web, Desktop and Mobile Applications for Improved Customer Experiences

San Francisco, CA, April 29, 2015 - Cloudwords, the leader in cloud-based translation management and automation, today announced new platform capabilities to simplify and automate the process of localizing web, desktop and mobile applications for global markets. Designed for developers to easily integrate with all source code version control systems, Cloudwords' continuous integration capabilities enables companies to readily deliver localized product experiences to global users, providing a more culturally relevant, positive user experience and increasing customer satisfaction.

Product internationalization enables companies to increase their target audience in new and existing markets and expand their customer base. Integrating Cloudwords' enterprise-grade translation management platform with the version control systems developers use to manage their product strings, including Git, Mercurial, Subversion and CVS, optimizes product internationalization and accelerates product release cycles, allowing companies to increase user engagement and satisfaction by providing a localized web, desktop or mobile app experience.

"The ability to deliver a high quality, culturally relevant user experience in all the languages that matter to your business is imperative in today's global economy. By adding international versions of an existing web, desktop or mobile application, companies can expand global market penetration and drive revenue," said Scott Yancey, CEO of Cloudwords. "By adding these new integration capabilities, Cloudwords makes it easy for developer and product teams to speed time to market for new and updated product releases that need to reach international markets."

Continuous integration is critical for an agile product development process. Global companies often launch new product releases daily or weekly, which means each localized version for international markets must be released at the same time. Translating new and updated content for each product release is challenging because it's difficult to track and manage when and where content within the application has changed. By integrating a version control system with Cloudwords' customizable and highly extensible platform completely automates the localization process and fits into the product development lifecycle. Cloudwords automatically detects changed content and systematically sends the text for translation. Upon completion, the new translated text is returned to the correct location and is ready to be published. Through continuous integration, applications are automatically and continuously kept up to date.

"This is my utopia," said Michael Sisario, Senior Program Manager at Okta, upon seeing how quickly Cloudwords automates the app translation process when integrated with its version control system.

"For developers, the biggest challenges of internationalizing applications are maintaining quality and translation consistency, and meeting product release timelines. Cloudwords' integration capabilities with any type of version control system truly automates the translation process and makes adding content and updates pain-free," said Jonathan Su, Director of Engineering at Cloudwords. "This is an agile, out-of-the-box solution developers and product teams can implement to ensure their multilingual customers can use all aspects and services of their application in their native language."

To learn more about product internationalization, integration with source code version control systems, and Cloudwords' translation management and automation platform, visit

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Cloudwords accelerates content globalization at scale, dramatically reducing the cost, complexity and turnaround time required for the localization of all marketing content. Cloudwords' enterprise-ready cloud-based software enables organizations to go global faster, engage multilingual audiences more efficiently, and generate increased demand and revenue in less time. Delivering strategic integration capabilities for all leading marketing automation and content management systems, Cloudwords is an integral partner in the localization process for Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies worldwide, including Honeywell, Marketo, McDonald's, and Verisign. Headquartered in San Francisco, Cloudwords is backed by Storm Ventures and Cloud computing visionaries such as Marc Benioff, founder of Visit for more information and join the global conversation on Twitter @CloudwordsInc.


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Cloudwords Automates Translation Process
Cloudwords Automates Translation Process

Cloudwords, a provider of cloud-based translation management and automation, announced new platf...

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Cloudwords Automates Translation Process to Accelerate Product Internationalization
Cloudwords Automates Translation Process to Accelerate Product Internationalization

New Integration Capabilities with Source Code Version Control Systems Quickly and Easily Localiz...


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